A secure, versatile, low-code API-first platform with data at its core.

data.stack - powered by the same tech behind Omni Data Platform - delivers enterprise data assets via secure REST APIs with rich capabilities.

Data management

  • Works with a variety of data - structured or unstructured
  • Manage data model definitions
  • Intuitive UX to manage, import and export data

Data governance

  • Collaborate using workflows to verify and publish data
  • Enterprise-level role-based access control both at the data service level and record level to govern data
  • Define rules as part of the data models

API-first architecture

  • Deliver all enterprise data via secure REST APIs
  • One-click API generation with rich capabilities to sort, filter, etc.
  • Unlock data silos by APIfying data

Scalable and flexible

  • Scalable containerized architecture
  • Seamless integration with applications, processes, and partners and ingest data in any form
  • Seamless distribution of data in real-time with internal/external applications, data visualization tools, etc.

Partner management

  • Onboard partners faster using visual drag & drop based configuration
  • Securely transfer data to and from the partner by leveraging 2-way SSL HTTP streaming techniques
  • Data conversion based on both files and APIs
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